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Crying Cymbals Cover

Crying Cymbals

Cymbals are an amazing sound design tool. Their balanced sound and great dynamics have always been fascinating to people. Cymbals can cry, they moan, they can whisper and scream, and their singing is always beautiful. We captured their voices and even made their tuning usable alongside with other instruments.

Crying Cymbals is the first sample library with state of the art cymbals played with a bow. A wide range of harmonics per cymbal which we used to design harmonized, tonal cymbal sounds is what gives this library its unique character. With these innovative possibilities we created unique pad- and lead sounds, soundscapes and sound effects, making this product a very versatile tool. Our library contains four different categories - Harmony, Melody, Soundscapes and Crying FX.
Spiritual Shades Cover

Spiritual Shades

A rhythm section that makes you enter a deep trance as you hear it? A melody played by an instrument that has its own spiritual voice? Plus profound sound effects which serve your music in a very natural way?

Spiritual Shades is our world sound sample library for Native Instruments KONTAKT consisting of unique instruments from all around the world. It contains six professionally recorded instruments with different playing techniques. The included loops and patterns reflect the natural sound of the instruments and help you to get your creativity flowing. Additionally Spiritual Shades comes with sound effects that fit the overall sound of the world sound library, as they are all designed from the instrument themselves.
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Price: 59,00 €
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For free

Check out these free samples and loops from our Crying Cymbals and Spiritual Shades library! You will find sounds from every instrument or category of our libraries. Enjoy!


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